Lauren Cate Photography


Nice to meet you!

In High School I taught myself Photoshop, and was always fascinated with photographs, but never took a photography class or knew how to create images. I then decided to attend Brooks Photography Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. My first day of class was the first day I ever picked up a camera. During my time at school I studied multiple types of photography:  fashion, commercial, food, nature, architecture, and portraiture. After school I interned with a high fashion photographer for a year, but then decided to stick with portraits, I loved being able to freeze a moment in time for people to look back on. 

I have photographed weddings with a company for 6 years, during which time I learned the ins and outs of the industry while still running my own business/brand:  Lauren Cate.  I have traveled to many countries, worked with celebrities and have been there to capture moments for hundreds of people and their families. In 2014, I was recognized by Rangefinders Magazine as one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography, which was during my 3rd year of shooting weddings. Being on that list, with so many photographers I admire, was a very humbling and exciting experience.

Currently, Lauren Cate specializes in Weddings and Portraits, with an emphasis on Weddings. It's my bread and butter.  But that’s not to say I don’t love shooting other things.  I've recently photographed a lot of commercial work for various businesses, and I’m always open to doing more of that type of work.

My images are fun, it's not your typical ‘boring’ or ‘stiff’ portrait work. I get to share a lot of beautiful moments with my clients. My goal is to always make people feel something with my images. 

Being photographed isn’t fun for everyone, so another goal is to make it fun and seamless; I want my clients to  forget that there is a camera is even there!

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